How Dragon Quest Pissed Off Its Most Famous (And Oldest) Fan

Dragon Quest X is an online MMORPG. That might've made some fans pleased, but one in particular — legendary actress Keiko Awaji — is not happy.

"What I'm interested in is Dragon Quest," Awaji recently said on Japanese TV. Instead of, like she has in the past, gushing about why she loved Dragon Quest, this time, she talked about why it made her angry.

"It's something you play by yourself," she continued, adding that the word "connect" is increasingly popular these days. "Playing video games by yourself is fine! What do you need someone else for?"

Awaji said she already got a Wii to play DQX, but pointed out that you need to play DQX online — and to do that, you need to pay money.

Of course, there are two hours of "free play" available everyday to all players as part of "Kid's Time"; however, the time is set in the late afternoon — not exactly ideal for adult players or, I guess, famous actresses.

Awaji, who starred with Toshiro Mifune in Akira Kurosawa's Stray Dog and with William Holden and Grace Kelly in The Bridges at Toko-Ri, once said that she hopes to play two or three more Dragon Quest games before she dies. Should've specified "offline"!

ドラクエ好きの女優・淡路恵子さんがドラクエ10に激怒 「あれはダメ」「ドラクエは一人で楽しんでやるものなの」 [痛いニュース]


    If this is anything like single player DQ games, it will make the grinding in other MMO's look pathetic. Sunk a bazillion hours into DQVIII (don't know why, the story certainly wasn't interesting...) and I still got stuck on bosses, and I was only like level 35. DS one was just as bad, but I gave up much much earlier with that one.

    Is there no end to the series that Square-Enix destroys that they inherited (stole) from Squaresoft??!!
    God i can't stand that publisher and i wish everyday for it's demise and the series it currently owns can be given back to the people responsible for making them great eg. Hironobu Sakaguchi and the Final Fantasy Series (Mr. Sakaguchi has his own studio called Mistwalker and i'd prefer him to make anymore FF games any day of the week)

      This comment.... where to begin.

        I'm still not sure what I just read either.

          maybe his fingers kept slipping and then autocorrect experienced a severe mulfuntion causing it to spew out some incoherent garbage? there always the slightest possibility.

      From what I could understand from that, you're butthurt about something. I hope you realise that Square-Enix is Squaresoft...

        More importantly, Dragon Quest is an Enix property, not Square. Dragon Quest has never been owned by Squenix, nor is it currently owned by them. They have publishing rights only, the actual game series is still owned by Yuji Horii's company, Armor Project. I believe that DQX is the first in the series that Squenix has developed internally, previously they outsourced to better developers like Level 5.

          Oops, didn't read that far down :P

      Dragonquest was originally an Enix game. Squaresoft and Enix were different companies 'till they merged into SquareEnix.

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