How Guild Wars 2 Connects Its Servers In Battle

For years, massively multiplayer online role-playing game server communities have competed against each other, waging war with world first achievements and statistics. Guild Wars 2's World Vs World battles allow the population of three different servers to bring the fighting to one gigantic persistent battlefield.

World Vs World combat is one of the four pillars of Guild Wars 2's design, so ArenaNet thought it best to release a video to clear up any confusion potential players might have had over the feature.

So what is it? World Vs. World is a massive, sprawling battlefield that any Guild Wars 2 player can join at any given time. Once a player takes the field their level is adjusted to 80 and they are ready to capture resources and kill other players for the sake of their particular server.

It's almost like being inside a real-time strategy game. The player is a minion, tasked with capturing objects and harvesting resources so more powerful units can take the field.

It's a little insane, very chaotic and extremely addictive. I've hopped in on two separate occasions with every intention of just poking around for a few minutes, and next thing I knew hours had passed. That's either a very good thing or a very bad thing. We'll know for sure come August 28.


    daoc pvp = win

      Some of the GW2 devs were also the devs who made the DoAC ;D

    agree with the comment of losing time... i just jumped in for a quick battle and suddenly the 4 hour stress test was over :(

    gunna be a long 3 weeks

    WvW is amazing. And it's only one part of a great game.

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