How Not To Be Seen In Dishonored

The plague-infested streets and alleys of Dishonored's industrial city of Dunwall are rather dark and shadowy, but without proper use of stealth techniques one might as well be stomping through them on mechanical legs.

Noise levels, line of sight, hiding bodies — these are the sort of things that make fans of stealth action so excited you can almost hear them sneaking up on you. As the dagger slips into your back you can feel the enthusiasm.

For me, on the other hand, this video is a list of things I will get wrong over and over and over again.


    Lol the ending haha. It always happens in stealth games I play. Epic sneaking and BAM some Boss class enemy with 300 degree vision appears and then get killed because too many enemies behind as well. Wish I killed them all instead of just sneaking.

    Best boss in any game is in Dues Ex. You can sneak right past him while he hollers insults at the air.

    It's a bit naff when he shoots out the glass cabinet and everyone's reaction is to run towards it instead of looking around behind them. Also, he must have super breath to be able to blow out candles from a metre or so away. Other than that, it looks like the best bits of stealth games all combined together in a neat package.

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