How The Hell Did This Man Make Super Mario Bros. Using Trials Evolution?

How The Hell Did This Man Make Super Mario Bros. Using Trials Evolution?

When Redlynx started talking up its level editor for Trials Evolution, I found it interesting, but part of me knew I would most likely never bother going there, unless someone else found something cool. Today a cool thing has been found. Super Mario Bros. inside Trials Evolution. TRIALSCEPTION.

I don’t even know where to begin. How was this made? Seriously. This is wizardry. BURN THE WITCH.

You can actually find and play this track right now on Trials Evolution — it’s in the highest rated section of the user created tracks.

Thanks Fatshady!


  • I should clarify, when i made that video last night i added the music you hear. Unfortunately the game does not support importing of ANY kind so while I understand that some guys have made music, this track does not have any.

    But MAN i was so surprised when i hear about this ‘track’. Also the colour was actually washed out a little by my capture card so I suggest you all check this track out. If nothing else it just goes to show how powerful the editor is, and what an amazing community of developers there are.

    Thanks for the post Mark. I was only talking yesterday about the track central stuff so glad you got to see this. 🙂

  • That’s fantastic, I really feel like I should be getting an xbox360 just for this game. I’ve been sitting on the fence about it for a while in hopes that the next xbox will be able to play anything on xbox live.

  • Stuff like this and the tracks that Achievement Hunter look at in their Trials Files videos constantly blow my mind. I mean FFS someone made a claw machine game where you pick up barrels and throw them into tubes to score points. I DON’T EVEN

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