Hyrule Historia, The Zelda Encyclopedia, Will Be Localised For North America

Serious Legend of Zelda fans in the West have treated Hyrule Historia something like a venerated text — and one in a language many of them couldn't read. Today, Dark Horse Comics announced that it at long last would be bringing an English-language version of the Zelda encyclopedia to North America, the UK and Australia.

Known for divulging the full Zelda series timeline, the western Hyrule Historia will be larger in format than its Japanese counterpart, reports GenGame. It's due to release Jan. 29, 2013 and will cost $US34.99 in North America.

Hyrule Historia is Being Officially localised, Published by Dark Horse Comics [GenGame]


    Given that heading, does that mean that a version will be created using the Queens English as well as a butchered American English version?

    Where can I pre-order it!?

      Pre-order ready!

    Dang, I just bought an ebay rip-off copy... :(

    I want to buy this. It's $35 in America, so I'm guessing it'll be a good $100 here?

    I have a poster of the image on the cover, only decent thing you can get from the Australian club nintendo.

    I just pre ordered this from Amazon US. Best $37 I'll ever spend! What a steal!!

      Agreed. Can't wait for it to show up in like 5 months or however long it is expected to come in.

    Excellent! Though I still think the 'official timeline' was just thrown together in an afternoon before the book was published...

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