I Already Hate The Man Who Rebuilt Trials HD’s Most Frustrating Track In Trials Evolution

I Already Hate The Man Who Rebuilt Trials HD’s Most Frustrating Track In Trials Evolution

Anyone who has ever played Trials HD will curse the name of Inferno II. It’s the kind of track that makes your knuckle bleed. It will frustrate you to the point of tears. It is a track that, once finished, you want to bury, in the hope that no other human will have to endure what you just endured. But this guy, WILY Shizuka, he wants you to suffer. He wants you to feel pain. He rebuilt Inferno II using the Trials Evolution track creator, and I curse the day he was born.

The remake is almost pitch perfect. From memory I can remember most of the track, and WILY Shizuka has done a great job of recreating all of its most fiendish parts. When watching the video, it’s probably worth remembering that it’s being played by resident Kotaku Trials expert, FatShady. If a normal man or woman was to try this track, they would want to kill themselves. This is a true fact.

I will have to give my grudging respect to WILY Shizuka, for the stellar job he has done. But I cannot, and will not, give this track the Markie seal of approval. I just can’t.

Looking forward to torturing myself with this when I get home tonight.


  • I never beat this on Trials HD but that’s cause I barely played the track (Evo was just around the corner). I actually beat the remake a while ago but does anyone have any idea if it’s the same difficulty wise? Something about the handling and physics in Evo just makes everything seem extremely easy compared to HD so I’d like to say “I beat Inferno 2!” but I know I haven’t 😛

    • Oops, I didnt even realise Markie posted this… haha.

      As for difficulty, its hard to say. I recorded that on my second attempt at this track so was still getting used to it. I was also playing through a capture card which has a slight input lag.

      Overall I think this track is easier than in HD and I STRONGLY suggest you go back to HD and get this one off your pile of shame.. you have not truly played Trials until you have finished Inferno…

      Also, if you are a crazy nutter like me, I also picked up the Steam version Trials 2se and managed to complete Inferno on that also… and trust me, Trials HD is a walk in the park.. I am VERY proud to say that I have completed Diabolic and Inferno on Trials 2 with only 10 hours gameplay. Inferno, the original one, I actually hit the maximum time limit, which unlike HD was actually 1 hour.. I had 1015.. thats right, over 1 thousand faults, 1 solid controller twisting hour of frustration, only to fail at completing the track. I went back almost instantly and I think completed it in 28 minutes with another 450 off faults… for those who truly dare, finish InfernoII then go back to the original. The only track I still have never passed is called Thou Shall Not Pass… from Trials 2se and I may never get it done. 🙁

      Little off topic there, but why not!

      • Wow… It’s hard to imagine a time when you struggle with anything Trials related 😛

        Before Evo came out I was slowly making my way through the tracks I never beat in HD and I did Inferno 2 BUT ACCIDENTALLY HIT BACK INSTEAD OF B! Raged and never played it again until after I beat Evo. I certainly got further but the handling felt ‘off’ since it was older and I wasn’t quite used to it again. I kind of rage quitted but hopefully I’ll beat it one day 🙂

  • Genuinely passionate article, Markie. I haven’t touched Evolution in months, but I think I’ll have to go back and see what the community has created.

  • Nope – Never beat it in HD and despite the fact everything seems easier in Evo I just can’t bring myself to try it.

    Oh and Shady is a machine!!

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