I Can't Wait To See More Of Chell's Life

Spoilers ahead! Portal 2 had a satisfying, if ambiguous, ending.

The player, in the form of Chell, finally got to breathe the air free of Aperture. There was no deer.

But what comes next for our silent heroine? This music video, a work in progress using Valve's new Source Filmmaker, doesn't tell us. Not yet. But it does look gorgeous, bird, cube and all.

exile vilify, rough pose work [qqmoarz tumblr]


    Let the nitpicking begin!

    Chell hands back the portal gun as she leaves aperture.

      The cube has no scorch marks and I doubt she had the means to clean it.
      Other speculatory points: if it's raining, wouldn't you want to suit up? Unless it's also hot or humid.
      And those longfall boots can't be comfortable, you'd think she'd take them off after Portal 2.

        I can understand wearing those though, they're super useful. But sif not suit up!

          Well, she's been in an underground lab for who knows how long. She may not actually know what rain is and how to respond to it.

          IIRC the longfall boots are surgically attached into the leg bone.

      your mistake is assuming Chell was the only one to escape :P

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