I Know What Hulk Looks Like With His Shirt Off

Here's the latest entry in The Avengers line of collectibles from Hong Kong figure maker Hot Toys. As with other Hot Toys figures, the amount of detail and craftsmanship to marvel at is simply staggering.

Staggering ain't cheap! As with other Hot Toys figs, you're need to open your wallets for this Hulk (the Japanese pricing is ¥35,000, which is over US$400; however, US pricing should be different).

The 1/6 scale, fully poseable Hulk will be out next March and comes with an extra set of fist. That's it? Well, the figure also has ripped pants and green nipples. What else do you need?

ハルク [Hot Toys]

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    Hulk sad, got worst looking one in collection, those joints on the arms, hands and knees don't look like belong on a $400 "toy".

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