I Never Thought My Favorite Games Could Look So Good As Eye Make-Up

I don't ordinarily think of "makeup artist" and "gaming" as going together. After all: the characters whose stories we so ardently follow are virtual people, and they are as fantastic or as plain as any other set of pixels can be.

Makeup artist Jangsara, though, has made me rethink that connection. She creates all sorts of dramatic, artistic looks but clearly has a geeky streak a mile wide. She's had looks themed to each of the Avengers, Spider-Man, and two different takes on Batman.

But it's not just comics and movies that give her inspiration. She's had plenty of gaming inspiration too, covering everything from Pac-Man to Mass Effect and Skyrim. Check out a few of the game-related looks in the gallery, or hit her blog for more.

Jangsara [Facebook, via The Mary Sue]


    pretty sh*t

      You clearly aint an artist

    I like the third one, but the others seem a bit too complex/cluttered.

    Is the one under the N7 one supposed to be Oblivion? Because it sure looks like the daedric letter for O.

    Sexy as fu*k.

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