I Still Can't Believe How Good-Looking This PC "Shooter" Is

Call of Duty be damned, there's only one game involving army men that I'm interested in this year, and that's Bohemia Interactive's upcoming ArmA III.

The more I see of this game, the more I cannot believe that it can look this good while being a single enormous, open-world island, with super-realistic physics bolted on for good measure. It just seems too good to be true.

Who knows, given how janky ArmA II's scripting and AI could be, it just might be! But sometimes you've got to have faith. Especially when it seems pretty obvious the same engine powering this game will also be running the upcoming standalone DayZ title (the current DayZ mod being based on ArmA II, this game's predecessor).


    I completely agree this is the only shooter worth this year that deserves my time as well

    Am also looking forward to it but not getting my hopes up as it is likely to be a buggy mess. Fingers crossed though.

    God help the other FPS AAA titles this year, Dayz on Arma 3 will be WIN

      DayZ is going to be standalone... probably on the same engine though.

        Yeah, and I'm looking forward to it more than ArmA III.

    some of those shots look awesome, and others look like ass, what gives?

      and I've figured it out, shots where characters are in direct sun light look awesome, while characters who are in shadow look like poo

        realtime ambient occlusion would fix that right up :)

    DayZ for Arma 3, fingers crossed that it happens.

      It is happening. DayZ the standalone game is most likely using the Arma3 engine as the Arma 2 engine cannot do everything Rocket wants to do to DayZ with it.

        Fantastic, just noticed that in the article now. Cannot wait! :D

        Rocket already said in an interview with Machinima that he had played around with the arma 3 engine as he was a contractor at some point but dayz would have a standalone engine.

    See how much better a game can look without desaturating or silly filters?

    I wish I had a pc *Sad face

      I wish I had a pc that could run this game. my poor ole 8800 won't come close to cutting it

    Dean Rocket Hall already said they are doing the stand alone DayZ in the Arma II engine.

      Ouch. I was hoping that wasn't the case, but was painfully aware that they hadn't officially announced that it would be running in the Arma 3 engine.

      Not quite. Its going to use its own engine.

      Not sure where you found that info, but everything I've been reading says the DayZ standalone team is going ahead with BI's Real Virtuality engine (ie. the engine ArmA III is built on). They'd be pretty stupid not to, really.

    I just hope that this one is multi -threaded properly and has at least a little optimisation, the second was all over the place.

    I hope its better than ARMA 2. Bugs everywhere in that game.

    Yep can't wait looks amazing, Day Z with the new animations and inventory system is going to rock.

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