Id's John Carmack Gets A Reminder On How Mario Used To Kick Our Ass

Here's a short, cute clip from id boss John Carmack's keynote address at this year's QuakeCon, in which the brutality of Super Mario Bros. 3 is compared to the more pedestrian Mario games of today.

Why do I bring it up? Well, Carmack and his old colleague John Romero once took Super Mario Bros. 3 apart at the seams, building a complete and from all accounts damn impressive port of the game for the PC back in 1990. They even shopped the game to Nintendo, who sadly turned them down.

Well, it's not that sad. Nintendo's loss ended up being PC gaming's gain.


    Brutality? I remember it being pretty hard back in the day, but I recently went through it again when I got my hands on a set of e-cards for it, and for the most part it was pretty much a cakewalk :/

    name a doom level you can get through without firing your weapon once?

    I can name several MW and Black ops ones...

      Most of them...


    can do most of em without firing a shot...IDQD!

    Here's a tangential question - why the hell can't we pre-order Dishonoured on Steam?

      Bethesda haven't worked out their regional pricing yet.

      Or it's still waiting for OFLC classification.

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