If Only This Beautiful Majora's Mask 3DS Was Real

As far as we know, Nintendo isn't working on a 3DS version of classic Zelda title Majora's Mask. So as far as we know, they're not working on a special Majora's Mask edition of the Nintendo 3DS, either. Pity.

Fan Cameron Smith is, though, and has drawn up his idea for what such a handheld could look like, turning a 3DS XL a very purple shade of purple (it looks a little richer than the existing Midnight Purple 3DS) and adorning the front with some Majora's Mask imagery.

Not sure which I'd like more. The 3DS or the game. Presumably I'd get both in the one box if this wasn't a fantasy project, so that takes care of that dilemma.

Majora's Mask 3DS XL [DeviantArt, via Tiny Cartridge]


    I want a real version of this so much - especially if it is an xl

    That is pretty. Too bad it isn't real.

    I like it. Though, I would have preferred Skull Kid standing there playing the ocarina instead.

    This would look great on my shelf along with my OoT 3DS

    I'm crossing my fingers for a Majora's Mask and Super Mario Sunshine 3DS; they would both be amazing to play wherever.

    I am soon getting a 3dsXL and I will try my best to make a zelda painted cover on mine... maybe I'll do this one...

    Why not just download the picture and put it as a skin on Skinit.com??? I did that it looks great!

    Is pretty? IS PRETTY?! Is the awesome-est thing ever seen! It looks fu*king cool! That purple and those graphics are... are... WOW!

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