If The Star Of This New Resident Evil 6 Footage Is Ada Wong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

Sorry, that was Fahey's joke. Seriously, the star of this new Resident Evil 6 footage is Ada Wong, and this clips is of her unlockable side story in action.

There's also a new video of the multiplayer mode "Agent Hunt", which I'm assuming has nothing to do with the Mission Impossible films.

I really do feel like I'm going to see this entire game before it even comes out.

(Via Siliconera)


    You must be pun-ished Kirk.

      I suggest his punishment must be more severe.

    I wonder if this classifies as racist.

    whats with the old school collar-up style? I guess its better than that evening gown she used to wear but they could've done better I think.

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