If THQ Gets Its Way I'll Be Dead In Five Days

THQ's media relations folks sent me a furry hat that's too small for my head. Now they've signed my death warrant.

In honour of next week's release of Darksiders 2, THQ got some lovely folks in Pakistan (it says so on the sticker on the bottom) to jinx the living hell out of my life expectancy. The laws of irony are at their most powerful in my household; I'm not sure they could resist a farcical death date inlaid in gold on a miniature genuine marble/onyx headstone.

If I don't show up for work on Tuesday, someone please train my children to become deadly assassins so they can one day exact bloody revenge. That is if THQ doesn't go under thanks to all the money being spent on threatening my life.


    hahaha brilliant

    How morbid!

    That looks all kinds of awesome. That would sit on my desk at work and when anyone annoys me I'd simply point. Before the date I'm too busy getting everything together - afterwards I'm just a figment of their imagination.

      Going to suck though when they remove you from payroll.

    Well at least you can't say the aren't doing whatever they can to market the hell out of Darksiders 2,

    So they know your birth date?

    Also, remember the most important part is the dash.

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