If You Don't Use Your Dragon Quest X Character Online, It'll Get Erased

Unlike previous Dragon Quest games, Dragon Quest X is an online MMO. So far, the game's online experience has been surprisingly painless. But here's one thing that some players *might* find painful.

According to Square Enix, if you do not log in for online play for over three months, it's possible that the game's server will delete your character data. (No doubt, this is to keep from overworking servers, so in that regard, it might make sense.)

If you do not want to shell out for a DQ X online subscription, you can play online for a few hours each day during a predetermined "kid's time". You don't have to be a kid to play during this free period as there's nothing that checks your age. You do need to log in at least once every three months if you want to keep your character data.

利用券を購入せずに時間がたっても、また再開できますか? [Square Enix]


    Final Fantasy 11 had this as well, but they never really "deleted" it. As far as I know that is. I know enough backlash and this will go away.

    I know their game plan is "If we threaten to delete them, they will have to resub to keep it out of fear." But this will back fire because games like WoW is the opposite and people always come and go. People have lives and other interest. They will lose more people then gain with this because if your character is gone, you have no reason to come back. Ever. So, hopefully this isn't another Final Fantasy 14.


      Deleting an inactive char almost never gets the person to keep playing. What happens is the player eventually burns out because they "need" to keep playing. As opposed to having that option to "come back" once you've had that break.

      If you want to keep players then make it a good MMO w/ decent content and ppl will eventually return or stay.

    Deletion of characters in MMO's only usually happens to low level players. Most MMO's actually do this every now and then to free up names and room.

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