If You're Confused By The Resident Evil Movies, Watch This

Next month, Resident Evil: Retribution hits theatres. Not everyone has been keeping up with the Resident Evil flicks. Heck, even those who have seen them might not know what the hell is going on. Here's a two-and-a-half minute digest that should bring you up to speed. Hopefully!

If you don't have two minutes, here's my wrap up: There's Milla Jovovich, endless CGI, and not a helluva a lot in common with the video games. Got it? Good.


    i have to say, I quite liked the Resident Evil movies in a "good mindless fun" kind of way.

    the whole world being fine thing is what confuses. They will leave it open for another one

    I stopped paying attention to the story when they randomly fast-forwarded to some kind of Road Warrior type situation in the 3rd one... now it's just 'time spent watching Milla be hot' for me. When does it come out again?

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