Impatient People Can't Wait For The iPhone 5, So They Made This

Ah, the virtues of being patient. Screw that! While the iPhone 5 will be assembled in China, and while we should have specific details on it soon, one Chinese company decided it could not wait. So it made this.

This is the "Goophone i5". The Android phone was created based on leaks and renderings of the upcoming iPhone 5. Dig the two-tone back!

The wizards at Goophone even have a frantic video with peppy music and endless zooms that shows workers assembling the Goophone i5. Is the clip speed up or do they just work REALLY FAST?!

The Chinese Make Their Own iPhone 5: The Goophone i5 [MIC]


    How is this even legal and how can they just get away with this?

      It's China. I'd be more surprised if somebody told me this hasn't happened with every other iPhone. Remember this is the country that gave us a fake Apple store most people thought was the real deal.

      Another answer, apple hasn't announced anything so essentially it isnt copying. Apart from the home button and rectangles of course.

    So, another iPhone that looks just like the old iPhone, which in turn looks exactly like the older iPhone, all of which perform in more or less the same manner?

    Seems like alchemy if you ask me, making gold out of nothing.

    The iPhone 5 is full of innovation....2 tone backs!! What will those crazy bastards think of next...ooooo 3 tone!!!!!!

    Funny how they can get away with an almost exact cone of the iPhone yet Samsung gets caught up in a law suit for "copying" something minutely similar to the iPhone. This world is full of ironies.

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