Insanely Cool GTA IV Mod Lets You Time Travel With A DeLorean

Mods are insanely cool. They can grant PC games everything from a spiffy outfit to entirely new game modes and areas.

YouTube user seedyrom34 took GTA IV mods to the next level with this fully functional, fullydetailed DeLorean time machine straight out of Back to the Future. It even comes complete with a full Marty McFly skin for you to drive around in.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Hill Valley - [Back to the Future Mod Showcase] [YouTube via Reddit]


    Omg the General Lee as well! :D This mod is just FULL of win!!!! Of course that metal version of the BTTF sucks arse, why not put in the original???

    I want the upgraded Delorean, the one with a hover-conversion and Mr.Fusion.

    "Where we're going, we don't need..roads"

    This is why I'm pumped to get my PC at the end of the year :D

    That is so sweet! If only there could be a mod that, when you hit 88mph, transported you back to Vice City. Okay, so I'm dreaming now!

    My only critique is the lack of blue spark effects flying to the front of the vehicle before jumping through time.

    must have!! So downloading GTAIV and this mod

    I hope Rockstar uses Steam Workshop for GTA V, if they release it on PC at all.

    Would work better for mafia II. Then you could actually skip between time periods to a degree

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