Is It Possible To Make Pokémon More Adorable? More Beautiful?

Yes, because, let's face it: Pokémon are already pretty damn cute. Japanese artist Ginger Ale is turning up the adorable meter up to 10 (11?) for this series of Pocket Monster art.

We love the pastels and the whole watercolour look. There is a nice children's book vibe going on that really doesn't exist in the games or anime.

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ジンジャーエール [PIXVI via Gotta Catch Em All]


    brilliant use of colour!

    Finally, something good comes from Bashcraft's Japanese fetish!

    I wonder if they ever thought about doing a more mature themed Pokemon anime. Slightly older characters. Sharper drawings on the Pokemon and more Punchy dialogue. Get the design team from Evangelion, The animators from Gurren Lagann The writers from Code Geass & the voice actors from Death Note. :\ I'd like to see that.

      I'd like to see that too. I swear to god, it would probably end up even worse than Lucky Star or Gantz!

    Publish a book please!

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