Is Valve About To Announce That They're Making A Movie?

It's been one hell of a week for Valve rumours, but unlike the silly Half-Life 3 speculation that was floating around yesterday, this one seems plausible.

The folks at Lambda Generation have discovered that Valve registered domains for "" and ""

Now this in itself might not be all that interesting — companies register domain names all the time — but in a new teaser for tomorrow night's episode of Game Trailers TV, host Geoff Keighley promises "the exclusive trailer for a new non-video game project in the works at Valve."

Valve has been announcing all sorts of news this week, including a barrage of Team Fortress 2 and Valve Community updates. Is there room for another big announcement? We'll see tonight.

Valve Registers Mysterious "Gamer Life: The Movie" Domain Name, To Be Revealed On GameTrailers TV Tomorrow? [Lambda Generation]


    Joseph Gordon Levitt. Glasses. Goatee. That is all.

      Robins and Crowbars aren't a good mix:

        uhm... subtle spoilers alert DERP! :)

    Look at the expression on Gordon's face. He's like "so... not Half-Life 3"?

    Episode 3 as a movie, to deal with the emotional responses to Eli's death.

    Half Life 3 as a full length game which integrates the portal and half-life universes.

      Portal and Halflife are ALREADY in the same universe. As is TF2.

        Until I can set up 2 portals then gravity gun a broken toilet into myself, they aren't in the same universe as far as I'm concerned.

          I take it you haven't played through the end of H-L 2, Episode 2, then? Or Portal 2?

    Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad.. nuff said.

      Yes, perfect choice! Already got the goatee too.

      Hell yes :D

    If anything it's likely a documentary or something concerning Valves in studio work practices. Something I'd be super super keen to see!

    Not going to bother holding my breathe.

    The feel good movie of the year. To be released in 2046

    how about they stop doing all of this bullshit and just finish Half-Life 3. For godsake. I'm of a mind to steal a nuclear weapon and hold the fucking world hostage until they finish it!

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