Is Valve Teasing A Third, Grey Faction For Team Fortress 2?

There's a blood-stain on the logo of the Team Fortress 2 website. A reader at the message board NeoGAF noticed that it linked to a letter. And in that letter is a story, a story that reads like a tease, a tease that seems to be pointing to something new in the game... a third faction?

The letter describes a heretofore unknown sibling to the owners of the game's Blu and Red teams, a person named "Grey". Well, if Redmond and Blutarch are the owners of the multiplayer shooter's Red and Blu teams, could grey have a team of his own? And what/who is the eagle?

Some of the folks on NeoGAF think a grey team could all be robots.

We know about as much as you do. Note the date of the sons' birth: September 2, 1822. September 2 of 2012 will be a Sunday, the final day of PAX, the big tradeshow that occurs in Valve's neck of the woods, Seattle Washington. On September 2, in Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Valve will host the final day of a tournament called The International. The tournament is for DOTA 2, Valve's upcoming MOBA-style game. It presumably has nothing to do with TF2, but, as with all things Valve, you get teases... you get hints... and we'll all find out soon enough.

(I've asked Valve what's up. I tend to think they won't say just yet.)

Gray couldn't have gone off and changed his name to Gordon, right? Nah...

Gray [Team Fortress 2 official site, via NeoGAF]


    Grey faction? Like... spectators? Are people in the spectator team going to be able influence games?

    Oh come on, give me pure PvP already.

      if by 'pure PvP' you mean Free-for-all, I think TEAM Fortress may be the wrong game for you.

    Mann VS Machine.
    Anyone would know this if they stalked SPUF ever.

      Yep, I know. If there are 3 sons, then there are 3 teams. BTW guys, Gray team, what's a robot's color? GRAY. The upcoming game mode is probably going to be like Zombies from CoD or Firefight from Halo: Reach to name a few. RED and BLU should join forces to fight GRY team is what I'm thinking. Also to catch you late people the Carrier Tanks in 2Fort and other maps could be shipping the robots to battle.
      Whew! That was a long comment.

    There is yet another blood stain on the TF2 free to play sign. It's Zepheniah's Last Will and Testament.

    This sounds interesting. 3 Way CTF and other game modes would be cool. Maybe some 3 Team only modes as well!

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