It Takes An Action Figure To Brink Red Dead's Jack Marston To Life

If you haven't finished Red Dead Redemption, and one day plan to, don't read any further.

Still with me? OK, good. John Marston's son, Jack Marston, is a whiny little punk. Even at the "end" of the game, where he's supposedly a grown man, he's still a whiny little punk.

This custom Jack, made from the bones of existing toys like a Jonah Hex piece and a Punisher figure, mans him up a little. Or, mans him up as much as someone with tight sleeves, a neckerchief and a top hat can muster, anyway.

Jack Marston Custom Action Figure [FigureRealm, thanks John!]



      I wish I could brink my goldfish back to life!

      Don't make the man repeat himself...

      Sidenote, this figurine screams Fable 3

    Worst action figure I've seen posted here for a while.

      Even with the name plastered up there, I still can't pick it.

    John marston died not jack "stop dilly dallying and work ya dumb nag" jack marston quote

      i porposly sit him in front of trains because he sucks so much

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