It's Not The Keyboard You Want, But It's The Keyboard We All Need

Every day, in this very office, I eat lunch whilst hunched over my desk. Crumbs. Food. Everywhere. It's disgusting. I don't even want to know what germs are infesting the keyboard I'm using right now. Oh God. I've already got leprosy... don't I... You know what I need? You know what we all need? A keyboard that's as easy to clean as this one.

It's Logitech's latest washable keyboard, the K310. It costs £35 ($53) and you can literally wash the thing like you would a frying pan. Seriously, if you spend the same amount of time using your keyboard as I do. And eating over it. This may be a good option.

It's available for pre-order now, and should launch next month.



    I bought a cheap logitech keyboard two days ago for my PC (I don't go for the hardcore gaming ones as I just don't 'feel' the difference). If I had of known about this, I would have bought it instead. Damn it.

      Try mechanical, then you'll feel the difference. All the non-mechanical gaming keyboards are just standard crappy keyboards with some perty lights, maybe some programmable keys, etc.

      Mechanical! Just Do It!

    Because it's the keyboard that we need, but not the one we deserve.

    I needed to buy a new keyboard recently for spilling pepsi max all over it... This, sigh, this would have come in handy.
    Not that bad looking either.

    I've found Apple keyboards to be pretty great if you're worried about keeping them clean.

    Crumb resistant thanks to the way the keys are set up and because the keys are white, you can tell when it needs a wipe down.

      and if you spill stuff on them, dry them out for a week or so and they should be good.

      Chiclet keyboards are pretty easy to use as well, i find i can type much faster on them. Nothing new though, they have been around since the 80's.

    "Never fear! This is one of those keyboards you can wash!"


    Not a single joke about jizz? Damn...

      All far too mature here at kotaku AU to make such puerile jokes...

    I thought this was already a thing with normal keyboards? The IT guys at an old office used to do it with regular keyboards anyway.

    Until we can bake it... I don't want to know about them.

    Yep. Old news. My microsoft ergo keyboard is washable, bought it 4 years ago for $16. Liked it so much i went back and bought 4 more. Hopefuly they last until i die.

    Jizzproof keyboard; dreams really do cum true

    I split coke on a keyboard like 10 years ago, washed it in plain water, let it dry for 2 days in the sun, worked fine for another 5 years or so.

    Anyone seen Corsair's 2 gaming keyboards? Certainly quite pricey ($135 and $155 each), but they atleast show a very innovative way of designing a keyboard thats easy to clean, without needing to soak it in water.

    Ok, a washable keyboard, good idea.

    Now, is there a mechanical, washable wireless keyboard available on the market currently....

    Buy a plastic film like this and spill coffee on it to your hearts content:

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