I've Never Wanted To Buy A Virtual House More Than I Do Right Now

Phineas T. Rotostar is one hell of a salesman. It only took him a minute and a half to complete sell me on a floating sky house in the animated sci-fi MMO universe of WildStar.

Not that it was a particularly hard sell. I already had one foot in Carbine Studio's pretty space opera. The ability to claim and decorate my own floating plot of land just sweetens the deal.

Unlike housing in many MMO titles, WildStar's homesteads will be more than just a place to hang your hat. At level six (that might change as development continues) all players will get a quest that rewards them with a plot. From there'll they'll be able to decorate and customise to their hearts' content, adding functional furniture and weapons aplenty.

While further details will be revealed in the coming months, Carbine says that housing is a pillar of its game, offering advantages to every type of player no matter where their MMO interests lie — fighting, crafting, socializing, participating in events or tooling with customisation.

So yes, I'm sold, and all it took was a little nudge from an alien salesman that looks a great deal like Tim Schafer.

WildStar [Official Website]


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