Japan's Favorite Arrogant-Looking Chef Serves Up A Video Game Appearance

Celebrity chef Tatsuya Kawagoe is young, handsome, and an internet meme in Japan. The 40 year-old seems to have become an online gag because he's a good-looking successful guy and sports what the Japanese call a "doyagoa" ("self-satisfied look"; ドヤ顔).

Besides owning restaurants and releasing his own sauces, Chef Kawagoe recorded a music single, which sounds like it was aimed at children. Of course, his music fanned the meme flames even more.

Today, Sega revealed that Chef Kawagoe would be appearing in Yakuza 5 as a chef, which is kind of odd. But those Yakuza games are kind of odd, so his appearance makes sense, I guess.

If anything, this provides up a perfect opportunity to go through some of the Chef Kawagoe meme pics. Some of the hate is jealously no doubt, while the rest is the fact that, yes, this dude has a doyagao.

What's a doyagao, you ask? Kawagoe's triumphant mug Photoshopped into various pics should hopefully clue you in.

Also, have a look at the Chef Kawagoe crane game, stuffed with Chef Kawagoe snacks and photos.

イタリアンシェフの川越達也さんが本人とそっくりなシェフ「タツヤ」役として出演することが決定。 [4Gamer]

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    That's a dude?! the fuck... are there any ACTUAL MEN in Japan? oO

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