Jaywalking Insanity Combated With Mario And Frogger

Jaywalking is a big problem in China. One news station decided to use Frogger (or rather, a Frogger clone) and some Mario music to show that jaywalking is not the best idea!

In the new clip, you can see folks walk across several lanes of traffic Edmonton Rd in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. Scary stuff.

As website Beijing Cream points out, the journalist at the end of the news clip says, "Life isn't as simple as video games. When you pass in the game, you can level up. If you fail, you can try again. But as for people's lives, they only have one." Noted!

Chinese News Show Uses Frogger And Mario To Illustrate The Perils Of Jaywalking [Beijing Cream]


    Man, do I dislike people doing this. Glad I don't live there. If one gets injured/killed the driver's life is also ruined.

    Um, is the car at 0:56 also trying to jaywalk?

    China, shamelessly ripping off another classic.

    Pretty much your average day in Hurstville

    Crazy. But what's the go with the car at 1:25???

    "I'll .... just.....sqqqeeeeeezzzeeee.... in....here....."

    Dr Stef

    Lol I know right! Do they got as many pot holes in the video then in Hurstville? Damn i hate going through Hurstville at times (majority)

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