Just Cause 2 Mod Is Redefining The Term "Massively Multiplayer"

To recap: smart people are introducing multiplayer to the PC version of sandbox shooter Just Cause 2. A public beta was held last week, and another is just winding up now. It continues to look like just about the best thing ever.

Rather than only letting 4-8 people onto the game's enormous map at a time, the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer team have figured out a way to let hundreds of people on the same map. A map that's full of vehicles, weapons, grappling hooks and a comical physics system.

Human nature takes care of the rest.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer [Official Site]


    Watched the whole video with a big, dumb grin on my face. Take a note game developers; only the community knows what the community wants. This craziness looks like pure bliss!

    This is just surreal to play. Roaming around the world and always running into OTHER PEOPLE who are doing their own thing.

    It blows other MMOs out of the water, since it's live action goodness.

    When this gets out of beta, I will buy the crap out of this game.

      Dude, get it now! Brilliant game, even in single player

        yeah seriously - it's regularly like $5 on Steam sales and it's amazing fun. The engine itself is technically incredible and the gameplay is just crazy.

        I spent a long time this weekend playing the beta and it was all kinds of awesome. Still a few kinks but wonderful fun - it makes me so happy that modders have the brains,passion and incentive to do things like this, but also sad that the developers don't.

    All of the regret for not picking this up for ~$4 on one of the *many* sales... soon as another one comes I will be ALL OVA DIS.

    what do you mean last week? I was on the server like, 3 hours ago.

    Now add God mode for all players, for Epic Mayhem!

    I played the hell out of this not too long ago - makes me want to play the hell out of it all over again - this time with a few hundred friends along for the ride.

    Planetside 2 is in beta atm. Several thousand per map. Planetside 1 went 9 years with also thousands on the same instance.

    PS2 is going to be big - in more ways than size.

      and it looks like PS2 will have servers physically located here as well

    played this on the weekend. Was pretty cool, despite the rampant racism and arseholism. Its also a little aimless, but its the vibe of kids running around a yard, dosed up on red cordial that makes it big, stupid gun.

      *fun >_

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