Just Cause 2 Supports 600 Players? At Once? Holy Crap.

Sandbox action game Just Cause 2 was a blast to play solo, but sadly shipped without any kind of multiplayer. No matter. Fans of the game's PC edition have whipped up a version that lets 600 people play it at once. On the same island.

The results are predictably...insane. Note that this is a fan-made thing, and is still in testing, so probably has a wys to go yet before it's "done". Still. Even what's on show here looks great.

You can check in on the mod at the links below.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Impressions 1 [YouTube, thanks Doug!]

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer [Site]



      LOL best comment ever LOL

    Yeah that was awesome. Always great when the community bands together to making something far better than it normally is.

    So glad this started back up again, it'd be such a fun game to play in multiplayer.

    It was incredible to play. Players everywhere you went, in realtime action, not just MMORPG. A true MMO game. Just felt awesome and surreal.

    I laughed like a madman flying my helicopter around, strafing players, exploding fuel depos, all to ride of the valkyries.

    See? This is whats missing from so many games these days. A big open world where people can jump in and do stupid shit.

    Anyone remember that guy a few days ago writing about how mods make games worse?

    Man, that looks like the most stupid amount of fun I've seen in ages.

    Kinda kicking myself now for not picking it up on Steam Sales.

    This looks awesome I own it on console but will happily buy it from steam to enable this.

    I had so much fun playing this on xbox. That just confirms for me; I need to fucking get a gaming PC.

    Holy crap! This looks damn good!

    Reasons to buy a game pc!

    (total newbie to Just Cause 2- is there like CTF or something? Kill each other type of thing?)

    Watching this video is making me go nuts! Is the game always this populated or this was a one off?

    Do want!

    I gave the last beta a crack after picking up the PC version of JC2 on Steam sales. I was on for about an hour but my god was it an entertaining hour!
    It's still a bit rough around the edges but already the potential for hilarious mayhem is obvious!
    Such a good extension of the spirit of the game

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