Just Imagine The Bugs You Can Shoot With This Starship Troopers Gun

One intrepid Japanese model maker recreated the Morita Assault Rifle from Starship Troopers as a full-scale replica. Bless him.

Toys guns were sawed into pieces and then connected to an aluminium frame. Other parts were made, and the gun was then finished to give it a nice sheen. The result is magnificent — even more so when posing next to a Bug in Mobile Infantry battle gear.

盛田式アサルトライフル実物大スクラッチ [Fg]



    Very cool! There's a new CGI SST film out now (or soon) hopefully it's worth the wait. Unlike 2 and 3...

      Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!! I want to know more! I've always thought that great, stand alone film could do with a sequel. Even if this one doesn't look that relevant

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