Koei Tecmo CEO Sort Of Announces New IP

Koei Tecmo CEO Sort Of Announces New IP

Tecmo Koei CEO, Yoichi Erikawa, recently said in an interview with Weekly Famitsu that the alpha version of the long-missing game, Ni-Oh! was complete and that work on the game was continuing. But that wasn’t all.

The interview between Erikawa and Enterbrain CEO, Hirokazu Hamamura, mainly covered the growth of Tecmo Koei since the two companies had merged four years ago, and the spread of game development into the varying fields of social games and mobile platforms. Asked what his plans for the future were, Erikawa said in passing, “We’re actually slowly developing a new IP title”, as well as, “We’re continuing to negotiate and develop new collaboration titles that we expect will surprise everyone.”

Wow, that was the vaguest announcement in the world…

These comments were said casually and were not followed-up on, so we can only make assumptions on what Erikawa meant. Hopefully this means more of the Pokemon/Nobunaga’s Ambition or One Piece/Dynasty Warriors kind of crossover. As for a new IP title, with a company that has such a wide variety of games, who knows what they’ve got cooking in terms of something new?

Erikawa also mentioned that Tecmo Koei intends to “regularly upgrade and announce new versions” of its main numbered titles, but that hardly comes as a surprise…

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