Ladies, Please Leave This Man Alone. He's Playing A Video Game.

In the above clip, a Chinese gamer ignores several booth companions while he focuses on what looks like side-scrolling role-playing game Zhan Hun (roughly, "Soul Decapitation").

The clip is now going viral, but it's actually from the China Joy expo earlier this year. This is probably a stunt by a game company — however, it could also be some sort of gag a fan did at the show. Or, as the YouTube title hints, a "professional gamer in action". If you do watch the clip, note that, yes, it's kind of tacky! (It's also vaguely reminiscent of this Russian Counter-Strike stripper stunt from a few years back.)

This year's China Joy saw all sorts of peculiar incidents — some staged, some seemingly not. There was booth renting, money flower giving and booth companion banning.

a professional gamer in action [YouTube]


    I'd ignore them too. It's not like they are trying to say 'if you look at me I will sleep with you!'

    Maybe he's happily married. Or his girlfriend is hotter than those girls. Surely there is something more newsworthy than this...

    Assuming this was real, which I don't think it is duh, but who would rather be playing a game than burying their face in that girls chest? Single or not, yummy.

    Do you mean that you are interested in an ACL feature for content stored in Openstack Object Storage (swift)?

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