Learn Childlike Finance The Hard Way. The Super Mario Bros. Way

In my kitchen there is a jar. Inside, a whole bunch of change. There's a lot less than there should be, because I frequently rifle through it like a weird junkie for Pepsi Max money. Maybe if I had one of these super cool Mario piggy bank things, I would have more money in my change jar.

It makes sense, right? There are coins inside coin block! GENIUS.

I'm so buying one of these for my son when he's born. He will learn how save money the right way. The Super Mario Bros. way.

A Retro Styled Super Mario Bros. Piggy Bank [Andriasang]

Thanks Shiggy!


    Please say that the only way to get coins out is to headbutt the money box.

    I find it irresponsible to spruik the fact that every time you save a hundred dollars, you get a free pass from jumping off a cliff, or jumping on top of a spikey thing, or falling into a pool of roiling molten lava. Are we going to teach our children to take mushrooms next? For shame, Kotaku, for shame.

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