LEGO Zelda, You Look So Good, Why Can't I Buy You?

Artist Wes Talbott combines two of his - and, well everyone's - favourite things with this imaginary poster for imaginary Zelda LEGO.

I look at this, and the more I look, the more it feels like a real thing. Then I look away, and remember it's not, and I get upset. I should really blame Wes, but I'll blame Nintendo and LEGO instead.

LEGO: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [DeviantArt, via GamOvr]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      This looks quite cool, why the whining? If you want to read serious articles go and buy a newspaper

    While this is neat and all, let's not forget what happened the last time Nintendo let the Zelda franchise out of the hands. *Cough* CD-i *Cough*

      We've had the Oracle of Seasons/Ages on GBC and Minish Cap on GBA in between now and then. Let's not forget that Nintendo's most recent Zelda titles have been Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword.

      I know this is going to be hard for some people to read, but Oracles are probably the two best handheld Zelda titles, whilst Spirit Tracks is the worst by a long... way. Also, Skyward Sword is on par with CD-i in terms of raw "bad"-ness.

        Agreed on Oracles but you're insane to think Skyward Sword is anywhere near as bad as the CD-i games. At the very least it was a marked improvement over Twilight Princess.

        Having seen footage of the CD-i games and having played Face of Evil for a few minutes (before my body threadened to shut down to escape it) I do not agree that Skyward Sword is as bad as the CD-i games.

        But I will say it is not one of the stronger titles. My favourites are Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess. As for Skyward Sword, it was as though the game sat between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess while trying to draw in elements from the Elder Scrolls series.

        I just do not see the tightening of the elements found in other Zelda games.

    Wow I want a poster of this.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    You got my hopes up for a bit, thinking LEGO had made an announcement. Ah well, this is now my iPhone wallpaper!

    luke's not good at criticism hey?

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