Let Them Eat Cake, Glorious (And Expensive) Nerd Cake

As Kotaku previously mentioned, there is once again a set of official Neon Genesis Evangelion cakes. This is the third series of Eva cakes. Yes, the third!

These cakes are pricey (around $50 or higher) and are eaten with utensils that look like Eva weapons. Recently, sister site Kotaku Japan got to see the Eva cakes in person — along with Evangelion jelly treats and One Piece cakes. Have a look.

[キャラホビ2012]食べるのがもったいないプレミアムバンダイのキャラケーキ(ギャラリーあり) [Kotaku Japan]


    I really want to try that eva cake roll :(

    holy crap
    this combines my 2 fav things in the world:
    Eva and cake!

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