Let's All Watch A Nintendo 3DS Melt In A Microwave. Then Turn Up On Ebay For $2241.

That way we can share the experience. I know that as far as back as Day of the Tentacle I've been interested in seeing the effects of putting things in a microwave that are not designed to go in a microwave, but have been too cowardly (or...health-conscious) to do it.

Thanks heavens for the internet, then, because now we can watch this guy torch one in the name of "art". Your mileage on that may vary, and your willingness to buy the melted 3DS for $US2241 on eBay may be non-existent, but let's not stop that self-indulgent baggage get in the way of a good old-fashioned "watching shit melt in a microwave" video on YouTube.

For the impatient, the action starts around 1:12 in.



    Looking the the ebay description. The seller is listing it as seller refurbished, stating that's it's in working order. Isn't that false advertising??

      Its a microwaved 3ds, how would you expect a 3ds in a microwave to work? :P (does sound quite dodgey)

      I'm pretty sure it works as well as any other microwaved 3ds' out there.

    Why the hell is this a Nintendo exclusive? Where's the Android version.

    Things in the microwave, hey? CD or DVD. Do it. Loads of pyrotechnical fun. Great way to destroy the data on it too.

    No idea what it does to the microwave, so I only ever used the university's.

      I used to do this as a kid, in between putting eggs in there. My parents still use that microwave, haha.

    Obviously holding out for the second analog stick

    If I had this kind of cash to waste, I'd buy buy a bunch of XLs, some games, take them to a kids hospital and contribute something useful to society/humanity.

    Maybe I'm a philistine and I don't get this kind of "art"... or something.

      agreed. Well said.

        Brother there is no art .... It is state ment of an not very bright person. This guy need a boyfriend or girlfriend ....

    I agree

    Runined a perfectly good 3ds as well as a microwave im sure ...

    I like the deeper, glossy red on this one more than my default one, would be cool to use the half melted one as a case mod...

      Lol it is quite a nice red

      Yeah I was just thinking that myself..

    Shall we all buy a bunch of used 3DS' and DS' and melt them then list them all on eBay for $5; therefore flooding the market and pissing this retard off?

    More proof that people are stupid and do stupid things. Why not give it to a poor kid who cant afford one? Anyone who does this stuff is a waste of oxygen.

      I dunno, like OP said theres a morbid curiosity for doing things like this, and now that hes donated his money to show all the internet what it looks like, we dont have to!

      What makes him stupid is that voice he uses in the vid I say

    Sick kids get given Gamecubes and Wiis all the time., YET they are still sick. If this guy wants to waste $200 on melting stuff - FAIR ENOUGH. He apparently lives in a free country. Without experimentation - culture and ideas stagnate. What if he melted it and the resulting explosion cured the sick kids in the local area? Then who is the selfish one? I once melted a Bart Simpson figurine. The resulting mess was given to sick children. Three of them died a week later. Seeing as the doctors only expected these three to live for another 24hours i feel i helped in my own small way.

      Who said consoles or games would cure the sick children? The point is it would be a much more worthy cause. No one questioned his right to waste his money. Melting things is hardly experimental considering we all know the result. What could this possibly contribute to culture?

        What could it possibly contribute to culture? Nintendo flavored yogurt - for one. Guess you don't want any. That means more for the sick kids!

          I thought Nintendo already had a yoghurt: that overpriced, vanilla one.

            I think you are either confused with Super famicom cream cheese or a company called Apple Trademark that make expensive- starkly dressed cubes. Cubes which coincidently are built by and taste like - sick children.

      ah martin, you're a special kind of bastard aren't you?

    What I don't understand is this - why is it selling for over $2k?
    I could go buy a 3DS, and a microwave for like $300 or thereabouts.... And then I get the fun of melting it myself....

      modern art, man, modern art

        If Nintendo had the foresight to start shipping units "pre-nuked" they might actually make a profit.

    So I guess nintendium is too expensive to make handhelds out of anymore.


    It is really sad. This 200 $ could be food for people is starving ... Did you ever starve or lost your dignity .... Maybe you will never... To loose dignity we must have to build one. Despicable ... Egocentric a real fake controverse .

    I called him scum on that video page. He wasted money on a system and microwaved it, now he's reselling it as "art". The lows to which this scum will go to is sickening. If the proceeds were going to charity then that's fine, but no, it's going into his pocket. What a wasteful ass

    This asshat is already getting offers. How about blogs like Kotaku stop giving him free publicity?

    Luke reposting a article that was already on here weeks ago.
    How about calling the readers idiots for not liking a bland game again and get fired like you should've been.

    All the people complaining about his wasting money, have probably wasted 100's of times more money than the 3DS-duke-nukem dude.

    If Majoras Mask 3d is made, this video shows what will happen to your 3ds if you let the moon destroy termina.

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