Listen To A (Fake) Morgan Freeman Audition For The Part Of Duke Nukem

Usually I would say that adding Morgan Freeman's voice would, by its sheer presence and gravitas, make anything at least 64% better. That's just basic mathematics. But could he play Duke Nukem? Man, I don't know.

Still this (clearly fake) Morgan Freeman video is pretty hilarious. Mostly because whoever's doing the impersonation is right on the money. If you ever wanted to hear Morgan Freeman deliver some classic Duke lines, this is about as close as you're ever likely to get.

I don't know that I ever really wanted this, but now that I've got it. I'm glad it exists.


    More from this guy here, he does fantastic impressions.

    Is this the guy who does the voice on Craig Ferguson?

    If it is, there's a video of him doing the voice TO Morgan Freeman.

      haha I saw that episode a couple of months ago. It was absolutely hilarious!

      It's not.

    It's a great impersonation but I don't know... I kind of wanted... more.

    I would have liked to hear him spouting more of Duke's actual lines rather than all the faffing about over what his name was.

      Yeah... This could of been actually convincing if they actually had more auditioning and less unenthusiastic crappy jokes about the name.

    +1 to Braaains comment. Repeating the same thing 4times is like a really bad televsion docu-drama

    "I will rip of your pants and shit down your brain"


    I was hopping for a I've got balls balls balls balls balls of steel quote, too bad it didnt happen :(

    how degrading :(

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