Look At My Awesome Parking Job In Sleeping Dogs

This is what happens when you build enough Face in Sleeping Dogs. Or at least this is what happens for me. I use all that hard-earned reputation for flashy sports cars. And then drive at such high speeds that I can pull off a parking job like this. It was so awesome it had to be documented.

Sorry for the crappy picture. I don't have a proper capture device at my apartment, but I needed to share this with the world. So you'll have to settle for an iPhone picture of my screen.

Oh, and, this was just a product of me screwing around in the open world of Hong Kong after finishing the game's main missions. Hence my shirt being off. I like those triad tattoos. Otherwise I always suit up.


    She's also treating him like a half-naked, hot piece of ass....SHAME!

      I know right! Wheres my chainmail bikini in the game? ... double standards much :p

      Sexism in video games these days..

    A woman controlling an Asian driver. This was bound to happen

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