Looks Like The Final Fantasy VII Re-Release Is Out Today In Europe

Final Fantasy VII, once released on PC in the 90s, then accidentally re-released a few weeks ago, has been re-re-released today. At least in Europe.

It's currently up on Square Enix's European store for 10 euros. Seems like that will ramp up to 13 euros after the launch sale ends on September 12.

Doesn't look like Square Enix's U.S. store is selling the game yet.

This PC re-release will come with achievements, cloud saves, and a "character booster" that will allow you to pump up your characters' stats.

I've reached out to Square Enix to ask if the game will be out in America today. Will update if I hear back.

(Thanks, paracelus!)


    How do we get it in Australia? Is it a serviced country? I can't figure it out...

    can't buy it from the European or US stores. :(

    us Aussies always miss out.

    SE store's Terms Of Use clearly list Australia among the Serviced Countries. Still getting an error nevertheless :/

      you can't even choose australia in the country drop down box when checking out.

    Someone on the EU site said he received a reply on the issue of purchasing. He was told that Australia is not a serviced country. This is directly contradicting the Terms of Use and this is really making me angry. I want to at least be TOLD that I can't buy it. The lack of info just is downright wrong.

    Use a European proxy, VPN or similar.. I just got it.

    Just want to mention that apparently SE is setting up a separate store for Australia and Newzealand. So we miss out until they finish that. And the webmaster was the one who mistakenly put us in the serviced countries list.
    Any bets that we will get ripped off in pricing when they do sell to us?

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