Lucas-Approved Show From The Robot Chicken Guys Mercilessly Mocks Star Wars

Lucas-Approved Show From The Robot Chicken Guys Mercilessly Mocks Star Wars

File this one under: “What the hell do I even do with this information?” The guys behind Robot Chicken (including Joker himself, Seth Green) are making a new animated show called Star Wars Detours that will mercilessly, if lovingly, mock Star Wars. George Lucas has even given them his stamp of approval.

Is this terrible? Glorious? Hilarious? Not funny? I can’t even tell. All of the Star Wars stuff from the past 30 years has finally come full circle, crashed into itself in my brain, and exploded.

Here are some clips:

From the report at E! Online:

“Lucas was sitting at a desk and said, ‘You guys think you’re pretty f**king funny, don’t you?'” Green remembers. “‘So, how about we do something funny together?'”


New Star Wars Series: Seth Green and Robot Chicken Crew Previews Detours For Fans [E! Online]


  • Wow? That’s *really* *not* funny??? Robot Chicken was far funnier. Detour this straigh to cancellation…

    • I find it funny. Yeah, its not RC, but RC got its jokes from an adalt/stupidaty veiw. AKA, sex and swaring. This, on the other hand, is made for a YONUGER audince, and as such, dose not have sex or swares.

  • It could be so much better if they tailored it towards adults, but it looks like a children’s show. There’s nothing wrong with kids shows (Spongebob has been one of my favourite shows for the past 10 years), but eh. It might still be good to watch, afterall Seth Green is hilarious, and Seth MacFarlane is in it as well. We’ll see. The bit in the trailer where Darth Vader spins around in the chair and breaks it made me laugh though!

    • Well they have already made 3 Robot Chicken Star Wars specials which were made for (im)mature audiences.

      I actually really enjoyed this. Its nothing mindblowing, the jokes are really dumb and i have no idea if people were expecting pure comedy gold or anything but for a silly kids animation i thought it was well thought out. i think nerdy Star Wars families will get the best kick out of this.

  • It’s hard to believe these are the same people behind Robot Chicken…

    I guess it wasn’t long before they hit a dud

  • Childlike humor, silly scenarios, poor acting and terrible scripts. No wonder George Lucas gave it the thumbs up.

  • The funniest parts were parts they stole from SpaceBalls… So does Lucas have to approve every gag? Robot Chicken Star Wars sketches were 1000x funnier than this…

  • Could be good. Wish the animation wasn’t so cutesy tho.

    Hey, at least they spelled “Detours” right 🙂

  • For a Star Wars paraody…I would expect them to take the piss out of Star Wars…
    This is more like those horrible parody movies like “Scary Movie”, “Epic Movie”, “Hero Movie” and such.

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