Mad Catz Releases A Gaming Keyboard From The Future

It's completely modular. It's got an LCD touch panel with program controls and integrated TeamSpeak. It's made of freaking metal. The S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 gaming keyboard is a technological marvel, and it can be yours for only *checks price* $US300, dammit.

I've spent a great deal of money attempting to find the perfect gaming keyboard over the years, and I have a closet filled with aborted attempts to prove it. There are those that spend several months atop my desk, controlling my representation as I wander through first-person shooter and massively multiplayer worlds alike, but eventually they all reveal some fatal flaw. They keys smudge. The plastic wears. The responsiveness fades as my giant fingers punish their mechanical insides.

The S.T.R.I.K.E. 7's metal chassis seems like it would be durable enough to stand the test of time. It's modular construction means I can change its configuration up when I get bored (happens a lot). The intuitive software interface is quite attractive, and damn if the whole thing just doesn't look spectacular in that garish "I am definitely a piece of gaming hardware" sort of way.

But damn, that price. I could just buy three or four lesser keyboards and keep myself going for a year, rather than gambling it all on potential perfection. Decisions, decisions.

While I hem and haw, check out the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 product page.


    I got really excited for a few seconds before I read "Mad Catz". I've never owned a mad catz peripheral that wasn't a nice looking piece of shit. There is no way I would ever pay that much for anything made by mad catz, I would rather buy a macbook

      I'm trying to figure out how you made the leap from madcatz product to macbook...

      Madcatz to logitech... madcatz to microsoft keyboard... but macbook!? O_o

        yeah, I realised after I posted that it probably wasn't the best analogy to use but MrTaco got it.

    fyi, video was removed by user.

    horrendous design, just ... so bad it makes me cringe

    Looks cool but that's probably about it.

    Tried using a Cyborg RAT gaming mouse. Coolest looking mouse ever IMO, but even with all the customisation it still felt awkward in the hand.

      Really? I have had a RAT7 for a few months now and I cannot possibly go back to using a normal mouse (tried at a LAN recently, no thanks!)

    I hope it is a lot better than my R.A.T. 9, which has been a great disappointment to me. It looks great and has some awesome features (the R.A.T. 9) but it fails at the basics of being a mouse, with tracking problems and annoyingly short battery life.

    Get a good mechanical keyboard and you wont look back at this cheap tacky crap with a useless screen (i mean you should have 2 monitors for your pc afterall)

    dude, that price and it's not even mechanical!

    How the fuck do you go through so many keyboards I have a 30$ Microsoft keyboard and it has never. Failed me

      I don't even know what my keyboard is but I've had it since possibly even before 2000 and it's still going strong.

    I swear to god, a true gaming keyboard would never have that DAMN WINDOWS BUTTON. RAWR.

      That's why the G19 has a game mode

        Much like my G15 :)

        To clarify andrew, when gaming, you slide it to gaming mode and it disables all windows shortcuts. windows key, alt tab, ctrl escape, windows key + tab... so on you get the idea.....

    Gaming keyboard from the future, costs $300, has an LCD screen and yet still uses crappy membrane keys.

    Flawless logic by Mad Catz.

    that upcoming roccat keyboard with the fancy iOS/Android dock and special integrated app for pc management looks far far better than this

      I was about to say in the thumbnail it looked like a phone docked. Why not have a phone dock instead of a screen? Everyone has a smart phone, just create the keyboard and a phone app to save a few $$ and have a quality touchscreen?

      Even incorporate gameplay features such as pause on phone call or something?

    excuse me for one sec....bwahahahahahahaha!
    (looks at screen again) bwahahahahahaha!

    yep, still the stupidest looking keyboard i have ever seen....

    The actual feature list is pretty good, but the execution leaves sooo much to be desired.
    Give me all that stuff on hardware that actually looks , um , less like a 10 year old designed it and i may be interested.

    Sounds like the author should invest in a Filco in MX Black with laser etched keycaps

    My Ducky Shine dares you to try and wear it out Mike.

    If in the first few times you don't succeed, just keep trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Oh sweet Jesus that's an ugly monstrosity. Why does "Gaming" hardware always look so stupid and unwieldly? I think "Gaming" peripherals are generally useless, except if you were looking for a functioning chastity belt.

    I'll take my Logitech Illuminated (wired) any day.

    Looks like a reject from the Michael Bay Transformers movies. Yikes. My original Logitech G15 is still going strong (if a bit paint-faded) so I won't be changing any time soon.

    This keyboard will definitely protect your virginity

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