Man Misses Out On $7000 Because He Didn't Know The Konami Code

You'd think that the Konami Code would be a well-known part of pop culture these days, even if you're not a gamer. It's everywhere.

I'll take that $US7000, BTW, since that guy clearly doesn't want it. Thanks in advance.


    This is nothing compared to the $500,000 question between what was a pokemon,
    Jigglypuff or Frodo. He chose Frodo.

    I'm an avid gamer and I had no idea what a Konami code is...

    I consider myself to know alot about video games and i've never heard of this...must be behind my generation

    I've never heard of this and I've been playing videogames for 25 years

    impossible that people who game, especially for 25 years, have never heard of the Konami code...

      Hardly, I've been gaming for 30 years and suspect quite a lot of gamers of my vintage may not know about the code. Quite a lot of us were gaming on systems other than the NES. Myself, I progressed from the Commodore 64 straight to PC and never owned any of the early consoles.

        I own ... A LOT of games and games consoles, I've been collecting since I was four years old, starting with a VZ300 and Commodore 64. I've been gaming for 24 years, gone through many consoles including four PS2s, three PS3s and two Xbox360s in this latest gen of gaming.

        I have never heard the term "Konami Code" in my life. I've been reading Kotaku since their first article and bought countless gaming mags over the last 16 years.

          BS. The konami code has been referenced in Kotaku before. Type Konami Code into the search engine. Look!!!!! I've been blah blah blah blah blah since the beginning blah

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    Anyone who doesn't know the Konami code cannot possibly entitle themselves as an 'avid gamer' :/

      anyone who doesn't know the Konami code cannot call themselves a gamer period.

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          I'm sorry, but its the Konami code. If your a gamer it should be basic knowledge like wasd.

            No it shouldn't be, as is obvious by the fact most people here have said that they haven't heard of it.

            I also had never heard of it...pc gamers know iddqd, console gamers might also know that, but back then it was much more rare for a pc gamer to be a console gamer also...whereas I think most console gamers still had a crack at games like DOOM

        The word gamer is so skewed it can mean absolutely anything these days.

          Yeah a ten year old with skylanders on wii may say she is a gamer, who can deny that?

        No. Anyone who knows what a Konami code is just a console kiddie. PC Gamers are the REAL gamers.

    I have never heard of this before..

    I've been gaming for 30 years and have never heard of it.

      FarmVille does not count bro

    Honestly I'm so sick of hearing about the Konami code. Unliked them on Facebook and Twitter because THEY CONSTANTLY MENTION IT. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Yeah, we get it, it's "hip" to know what it is. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT UGH

      Have you heard about the Konami code? I hear it's pretty hip and out there.

    Seriously guys? I've been gaming for almost 30 years, primarily on PC (my Dad wouldn't let me have a console), didn't get a console of my own until the 16bit generation and even I know what the Konami code is. Have you guys been gaming in a cave with no internet access over the past 15 years?!?

      Is the Konami code... Winter is coming because if it isn't then I have no idea sorry

    I have no idea what the Konami code is. Doesn't mean I'm not a "true" gamer, that's just childish.

      Using any benchmark to claim somebody is a "true" anything is a bit silly but it amazes me how many people who obviously read this site don't know what it is. It's kind of like not being able to recite the order of Nintendo consoles (Gameboy variations aside ;)

    Agreed, it's amazing that so many people don't know the Konami code, especially with how ubiquitous it became. Not to mention the damn thing gets sprayed all over the internet all the time.

    Sigh. How many times?
    The experience of NES players in America <> experience of gamers in the world.

    So I gather this is a NES thing? I never had a NES, we were a Commodore 64 and Master System family.

    While I've been a gamer for 25+ years, and had no idea what name it went by, I did know the sequence of buttons.

    I think when this gets "splashed all over the Internet" as one person said, it is mainly in the form of the button sequence, less-so as Konami Code.

    I knew the combo.....never know there was a name for it. But then again, I also never really used I would believe that someone who doesn't know what it is, is more likely to be a 'true' gamer that doesn't give up and use cheats.

    LOL. It is even on T shirts. It is the most know cheat code in existence. It has even on filtered through to popular culture. Regardless of how old you are - or how much of a gamer you think you are - what system you grew up on - it does not matter!!! Not knowing this is mind boggling. It is one of the most iconic videogame references of all time.

    For those that don't know about Konami Code:

    Look at all those games. Every single one features the Konami Code. It's not a NES thing and it's not something from a small handful of games. This is why it's considered to be in the sphere of general knowledge regarding those who would consider themselves avid gamers. As someone mentioned prior, not knowing about the Konami Code is like not being able to recite the order of the basic Nintendo consoles.

      I've heard of the button combination before, just not the fact that it is named the Konami Code.

      Looking at that list I haven't played a whole lot of those games but I think I can remember using that code for Mortal Kombat 3 on the Snes

    It's funny to see how many of you are going on about how ridiculous it is to call yourself a gamer without knowing this cheat code.... I am willing to bet that not everyone uses or cares about cheat codes; so it's fair to say that even if those people knew the sequence, they wouldn't know the name for it.

    And yes, I didn't know what it was called either, I do remember using it though.

    Here's a link a tune with the Konami Code as it's hook nice game rhip hop if your're interested. Album's name is Phoenix down

    I might be wrong but i remember a lot of those konami games telling you the code when you completed a specific objective or at the end of credits? Any one else to weigh in?

    Never heard of it. I know the code but didn't know it had a specific name. But then I'm proudly not a gamer. Just because I've been gaming since the master system. Sub cultures suck.

    LOL. So funny, all these people saying in disbelief, "how can this be? How can't people know what the Konami Code is? OMG!!" Perhaps because people don't think they need to know stupid trivial information to prove something that doesn't even matter? Wow, you know what the Konami Code is ... congratulations.

    Does every "gamer" really get offended that much if they're not called a "gamer"? Relax. You got burned on trivia that a lot of people know. Suck it up and move on.

    Most people are just messing with you calling you "not a real gamer" for not knowing the code. But if they're all serious about it, then why even care about what an idiot says?

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