Medal Of Honor: Warfighter’s Dramatic Singleplayer Story Needs More Attitude

"The name's Preacher. I fight wars. I'm a Warfighter." And then he leaps through the title screen dual-wielding machine guns. Sadly this does not happen in the singleplayer story trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

"What's wrong, Daddy?"

Well, honey, Daddy's afraid that people are only going to pick up his game for the preorder access to Battlefield 4, and that ultimately none of these slow-motion explosions and tension-packed flashbacks are going to amount to anything, even if it is based on real events and features a hospital scene, a patriotic funeral and the dubstep jeep-splosion.

I'm as invested in the story for this game at this point as Marc Pincus is in Zynga stock. I'm keeping a little interest in case something good happens, but otherwise, bleh.


    Yep. My thoughts exactly.

    So... Journos wants games that push the boundaries of story telling in common gaming formats, but also don't?

    Shouldn't we be looking at Warfighter because it wants to be different than the stock standard "END OF THE WORLD?, SAVE IT WITH BULLETS" style of most FPS games these days?

      There are no boundaries being pushed here mate. If you think there are, you need to get out more.

    An explosion makes a man sad, and subsequently causes him to shoot brown people.

    This is what I gathered frmo watching the trailer without sound.

    Game looks good to me - might be a fps that I actually care about what happens instead of wanting more shooting. Also, the graphics look fantastic.

    Frostbite 2 engine looks great. Single player shows potential but whether it delivers or not is another question.
    If I can't get another WWII or Vietnam game, I just would like the whole modern setting to change it up a bit. The whole terrorist with WMD plot is starting to get a bit stale and repetitive, more so than the WWII setting did.

    "oh no! A human emotion in a war game? What's happening to the world?"
    Seriously? Even a little bit of depth in what might otherwise be another dumb war game is a good thing. The way to really respect your troops is to know that they're real people who have a hard time. And it doesn't need to be Apocalypse Now to be worthwhile. Sure it's not BioWare quality storytelling, but it's better than 90% of existing shooters already.

    haters !! is all i can say this game is gonna rock the tits of most i enjoyd the 2010 mho multiplayer was a bit underpar but thay probily didnt want another cod or battlefield even tho dice is running the show seeing what has happend in real time with the solders that protect our countrys real storys real places not just anouther russian vs usa type this time around you get to pick what country you fight for and mate it will be AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE for me and if you concider yourselfs real gamers when the first moh came out on th ps1 you all thourght man this game rocks but now there are that many shooters out there that are kicking ass and making names for them selfs i love battlefild seris and still will and yes i will be getting pre order for the bf4 bata but more for the warfighter the bf4 bata will be on playstation store a while after so its not like its going to be exclusive to it just like the rest of the series. moh all the way showing us the truth about the wars that our people have fourght to keep the peace

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