Metal Gear 25th Anniversary: 'The Industry's Gonna Be Shook'

We already know that Hideo Kojima is going to be showing off his team's new Fox Engine at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event this week on the 30th, but will there be anything else? A new Metal Gear Solid game perhaps? I'm going to guess no, but on this week's Kojima Productions podcast Chris Jones, claimed that the "industry's gonna be shook" by what's presented there.

Kojima will be presenting at least one new game at the event (a game that will connect people, apparently) but that's unlikely to be Metal Gear Solid 5. I'd imagine that Jones is most likely just referring to visual fidelity of the new Fox Engine, and what's possible with it.

"[A] lot of things to look forward to next week, not just for fans," said Jones, "but I think the industry's gonna be shook by what we're going to be able to present here."

That to me suggests that it's not an actual product that will shake the industry, but the technology itself. Regardless, I'm excited to see precisely what is shown at the event. Even if no games are shown, I'm always keen to see precisely what Kojima and his team thinks the future of video games will look like. I'll be watching.

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    Kojima never fails to impress!

      I can't remember the last time he impressed me, can you?

        What kind if stupid comment is this? Letrico is clearly stating that Kojima has never failed to impress him and you use your own measure of impression to question his memory? Sure, you're not impressed, doesn't make somebody who is has been, wrong.

    They'll announce the 25th Anniversary edition of Metal gear, you get all the games in a different packet. But this time it has 3D and Move support :|

      I would be all over that shit!

    They are announcing a new version of msx that is compatible with the first game.... Maybe? Or yeah another box with the same suspects.

    Is this new engine for current gen? Seems to be a bit late in the day to be investing that much money in new tech for the current batch of hardware.

      You pretty much answered your own question...

    Im thinking MGS5 will make an appearance in logo/concept art form, then a teaser trailer at tgs

    "I think the industry’s gonna be shook"


    "Hideo? Hideo?! HIDEOOOOO!"

      It was Chris Jones who was quoted in the article not Kojima himself.

      [failure to properly read the article]

    I'd like to see some fun remakes of metal gear 1 and 2. Given the gameplay though 3d is almost out of the question with all the screen swapping needed to pass guards.

    I'll hold you to that, Doctor.

      They already shook the industry with 'Snake vs. Monkey'.

    He's actually been working on something other than Metal Gear... unless he's adapted it to the Metal Gear world, who knows? I do remember the game being, open-world-stealth!

    Remember the E3 2011 demo -

    I predict Revengeance to be a conspiracy to mock western douchebags who criticized Raiden for being in MGS2. Robot dog with chainsaw and explosively cliché dialog. NTY

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