Microsoft Changes Its Logo For The First Time Since The 1980s, And I Like It

The last time Microsoft changed its company branding was in 1987. With the company on the cusp of a less dorky era, courtesy of tech like Windows 8, Windows Phones, Surface and the Xbox 360, it's about time for a redesign!

And a redesign is what we have. There's not only a new font, but the incorporation of a logo alongside the Microsoft name, one based on its traditional Windows branding.

I like it! Some are saying it's boring, or simple, but the best and most timeless logos on the planet are often the most simple. It's clean, and while the text on its own is a little nondescript, the simple, colourful logo helps you identify with it almost immediately.

While the new badge will be appearing online immediately, it might be a while before you see it turning up on things like Xbox 360 packaging.


    Looks sleek, but did they just leave the color yellow out? Anyone up for new stuff speculations for the color yellow?

      I know, and they even have 8 seconds at te end with a blank screen.

      I think the commonly accepted theory is that yellow is Windows Phone. Don't know why they wouldn't have mentioned it though.
      My guess is it's Half Life 3 :P

    "the best and most timeless logos on the planet are often the most simple."

    *Ahem * anyone else see a Simple, Timeless, Bold logo on this page?

      Nope, I see the square window from play school though!

    It's just a Windows logo next to the Microsoft brand. .If no one told me, I wouldn't have noticed the change at all.
    What is wrong with Comic Sans? I use it all the time for my professional graphic design work :P

    It's kind of dumb/confusing that they're making the Windows logo part of the company logo.

    Old logo was better.

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