Microsoft Releasing Another Zombie Game (Though This One's About Teamwork)

In early 2011, Microsoft quietly announced an ambitious zombie game called Class3. Then said nothing about it for 18 months. It's back today, though, with a new name - State of Decay - and it's not looking too shabby.

Yes, zombies are played out, and yes, Microsoft themselves released a bleak zombie game only last month, but State of Decay tries a few new things like putting the emphasis on teamwork and fortification instead of just the killing.

Of course, between 2011 and now DayZ came along and revolutionised the way we look at zombie games, but that's not the fault of Microsoft or developers Undead Labs.

State of Decay will be out on Xbox Live Arcade and PC.


    not too shabby, but the animations look really b grade

    The humans with their completely blank faces look more dead than the zombies

    So it's Left 4 Dead, but everyone runs around with giant inflatable sharks on their head?

    This looks like a GTA3 mod to be honest. =/

    Can't wait for this game looking good!

    Looks like a game based on the television show called 'The Walking Dead'

      That's the first thing I noticed. Despite the influx of zombie games on their way, this could be pretty fun.

    I think it looks good. I think you people are being entirely too harsh on it. Upscale to 720p and it no longer looks like a "mod for GTA III" - what a stupid comment. And what do you mean they all have blank faces? They all have serious faces... do you really expect everyone in a zombie apocalypse to walk around smiling and laughing? Another stupid comment.

    Wow. I'm not getting any sort of positive vibes from this one, and I'll play nearly anything with zombies in it.

    I guess we'll have to see how much I'm willing to put up with for the sake of playing a zombie game where the most terrifying and ruthless opponents AREN'T just internet fuckwads killing you for the lulz.

    Been watching this game's development for a while now. It's a cheap game by a new developer, but despite its low budget it has quite a lot of depth. It's meant to test the waters for an MMO they plan on making with the same engine, codenamed "Class4".

    It's more like Dead Rising than DayZ, but it still looks pretty good. Bear in mind that it is a work in progress, so they will be tuning up the graphics and animation in time for release. I hope comes out on Steam.

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