MMORPGs Are Expensive, When You Are A Kid

Kids? They don't have money. So thirteen bucks might not be much to working adults, but it is when you are a child — a MMORPG playing child, that is.

Dragon Quest X is, for the first time in the DQ series, a subscription-based MMORPG. To enable kids the ability to play for two hours at set times everyday free of charge, there is "Kid's Time". However, as one young player supposedly pointed out, that's not enough.

"I'm a kid," wrote, well, apparently a kid on the game's official boards. The child thought about getting a 30 day pass for ¥1,000 (US$13), but he said he didn't have enough pocket money. "Please either lower the subscription fee or extend the kid's time."

Taking the cause directly to Square Enix! This is one smart kid with no money or one cheap adult with no scruples.

僕はまだ子供です。 [Square Enix]


    $13? Seriously, the kid can't make that every 30 days?

      That's true...mow the lawn? Wash moms car? $13 can be easily earnt.

        depends how much the mum is willing to pay them

      I suppose he could get a job at McDonalds...


      *old man voice*
      When I was young, on the weekend I'd wash the surrounding neighbours cars (about 2 cars all up) for $3 each and then walk down to the video store and rent 3 games for 2 days at $6.

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