Mortal Kombat Heading To (Japanese) Arcades?

The latest Mortal Kombat may be conspicuous in its absence from arcades in the West, but there are reports surfacing that the game may indeed be making an appearance in coin-op form.

Only, in Japan.

Some images have surfaced claiming to be of a Mortal Kombat arcade unit on location testing, and while the presence of "credits" on the title screen lend credence to this, the fact you can also see Xbox button prompts suggests that if the pics and cabinet are indeed of an official unit (and not just a home-made conversion), then it'll simply be a direct port of the Xbox 360 version of the game, which was released on console last year.

New Mortal Kombat Now Testing As An Arcade Game In Japan [Arcade Heroes]


    Oh, what? We can't even get the game on consoles and Japan gets it in the frickin' ARCADES? IN FULL VIEW OF THE PUBLIC? ARRRGH!

    I didn't think Japan even liked Mortal Kombat!

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