Need A New Phone Screensaver? Have A Mario/Zelda/Creeper!

This is currently the background I have for my iPhone 4S. It's also my twitter background. And my desktop... Jeeze I need a change. So I was thankful \I discovered that LeapYourBar, a Reddit user had posted all these brilliant iPhone backgrounds. Apparently he's still taking requests. Some of these are brilliant. I totally plan to use the Zelda one.

I love how minimalist they are. And clean. They're really nicely designed and put together. Worth checking out for those looking for something interesting on their phones. You can check them all out here. Brilliant.

Made some Grungy 8-Bit iPhone Wallpapers [Reddit]


    The hulk looks like Matt Preston

      Now that you mention it, I've never seen them together in the same place.

    Ill stick to my Doom live wallpaper on Android.

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