Need For Speed: Most Wanted Sends The Corvette ZR1 Down Mean Streets

Early signs seem to indicate that the next Need for Speed game will essentially be a spiritual continuation of the Burnout franchise, especially since it's being made by the Criterion dev studio that created those games.

The hard-driving action in this new trailer — featuring a Corvette ZR1, Koenigsegg Agera R and Hummer H1 Alpha — confirms that and makes the Burnout fan in me very, very happy. All I need to see is a proper Crash mode and I will hug this game with gusto.


    I like the gritty art style. One thing I didn't like about Paradise was the over the top California summer MTV vibe.

      That was actually something I loved about Burnout Paradise. Personal preferences, I guess. I hope they don't bring back that ****ing irritating radio DJ, though.... can't remember his name, but he SUCKED.

        It's the DJ that comes to mind more than anything, so maybe it was the DJ I hated. I'll boot it up again and see,

    A trailer with dubstep and chopped up action scenes? Now that's innovation.

    I agree with the author, this needs crashes. If this doesn't have burnout style crashes it can go straight to hell. But I can't see Chevrolet and Maserati licensing their cars get turned into 200mph balls of twisted steel.

      I'm pretty sure they already agreed to that in NFS: Hot Pursuit, so I wouldn't expect any issues there.

        The crashes still sucked in Hot Pursuit, they just can't damage the cars enough. You can flip a car around all you want in slow motion, but all it'll get are some dents and scratches.

        Burnout games have the cars actually being crushed with roofs caving in, wheels coming off and the wheel base being altered (usually shortened with a good frontal impact).

        I really hope we get a new Burnout soon, these Criterion NFSs don't do it for me at all.

          agree wholeheartedly. make crashes feel violent again. the weight of the impact is lost without that sensation of really breaking something.

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