Need To Play Spelunky Right This Second? In Your Browser? Now You Can

Cave exploration has been all the rage lately. Well, virtual caves, at least. With deadly, deadly consequences.

In other words, everyone keeps playing and talking about Spelunky ever since its July debut on Xbox Live. But what if you really need to get yourself killed in new and creative ways when you're someplace with no Xbox 360? What if you desperately need to sacrifice someone during a moment of downtime at work?

You're now in luck. That's just what the HTML5 browser version of the game is for. It's by developer Darius Kazemi and while it's not perfected yet — there's no persistence for saving, and it doesn't have sound — but it's playable. And fun. And disturbingly addictive. Unlike many people, I am allowed to play video games at work, but I should probably stay away from this one. Because I can try it again, and again, and again...

Spelunky HTML5 [Tiny Subversions]


    But, Spelunky was released for windows a couple of years ago

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